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Circular Electronics, Remanufacturing, & ITAD​

DAY 1: Wednesday 28 June 2023

In partnership with:

09:00 am – 13:40 pm

First use phase

9:00 am

Opening Remarks

09:05 am – 09:25 am

Rethink Electronics

Electronics have become an integral part of nearly every aspect of life. They’ve changed how we work, learn, play, and connect. And since we own more electronics and are constantly upgrading at home and at work, we’re creating even more e-waste at breakneck speed. But the world simply hasn’t found a way to responsibly deal with the volume of waste that is being created. So it’s time to ReThink Electronics. Instead of thinking end-of-life, we need to think whole lifecycle. It’s time to question our relationships with our devices and why we do what we do. To get to electronics sustainability and zero e-waste, it’s going to take all of us, rethinking and collaborating together.

09:25 am – 09:45 am

Nokia Phones Play The Long Game

Hear how HMD, the home of Nokia phones, is doing its part to reduce e-waste and it all starts from making devices that are sustainable through being durable. Topics also include Nokia G22 that was created to enable end user repairability through partnership with iFixit and Circular, the subscription plan that redefines mobile phone ownership with true circularity.”

09:45 am – 10:05 am

Designing for Sustainability at Logitech

An insight into the thinking behind Logitech’s approach to designing lower impact, more circular consumer electronics products.

10:05 am – 10:25 am

How modular design enables circularity

Taking recycling as the last resort, Fairphone will share why it is crucial to start higher up in the hierarchy of circularity to make true impact, and will show how it brings down its product CO2 footprint by almost half by prolonging its lifespan through modular design.

10:55 am – 11:20 am

Coffee Break

11:20 am – 11:45 am

Recycling is the very last resort: A dive into the climate impact of IT equipment

Of all the options in the circular economy, recycling is the very last resort in the technical cycle. It should only be used when all other options have been exhausted. Recycling is the emergency brake that we hope we will never need.
In this presentation, we will substantiate the above statement by taking a closer look at the climate impact of professional IT equipment, and we will be very explicit in relation to the effect of recycling from a climate impact perspective. Along the way, we will debunk one of the most persistent myths in the IT industry.

11:44 am – 12:10 pm

The Evolving Sustainability Reporting Landscape from an ITAD Perspective

12:10 pm – 12:35 pm

The Value of ESG Reporting in E-Recycling

This presentation will provide an understanding of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) disclosure reporting and its purpose. We will touch on the value of ESG reporting and its connection to helping companies access capital investment and finance. I will also discuss The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) with a focus on the implications in this region. Finally, we will link ESG reporting with the circular economy efforts.

12:35 pm – 13:50 pm

Lunch Break

13:50 pm – 14:15 pm

A new approach to reduce E-waste: Lightweighting and dematerialization

New advanced materials like CFRTP and our in-house developed technology enable the electrification of this material for the first time; a problem industry leaders is trying to solve for over a decade. We can finally use such materials to replace plastics and metals in connected devices. Enabling miniaturization for the end consumer and less e-waste footprint on the planet!

14:15 pm – 14:40 pm

Procurement demand as a driver of the circular economy

Procurement is at the forefront of driving a more circular product design. With upwards of 80% of lifetime product emissions embedded in the supply chain, smart procurement and extending the life of products are essential approaches to reducing the carbon footprint of technology. TCO Certified offers organizations a voice to use their procurement power to directly influence future product design and reward already existing designs for longer use, reduce lifetime emissions and drive a more circular approach to electronics. Topics such as hazardous chemicals, social responsibility in the supply chain (Supply Chain Due Diligence Requirements), shortly spoken: fairness to human and nature are all covered with TCO Certified.

14:05 pm – 15:05 pm

Coffee Break

15:05 pm – 17:00 pm

Evolution of Electronics Repair

15:05 pm – 15:30 pm

A Dispatch from the Front Lines of the Right to Repair Fight

The fight for the Right to Repair is happening in legislatures around the world, from Brussels to New York to Delhi. The EU Commission is newly regulating battery design, and US states are passing laws requiring open access to repair information and parts. Hear from the leaders of the Right to Repair movement the latest in policy developments. Is more or less glue in our future? The best way to find out is to get a sneak peak inside the latest gadgets from iFixit’s teardown experts. iFixit is an international, open-source, online repair manual for everything. Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge to make their things work for as long as possible. People all over the world are writing step-by-step repair manuals, helping each other troubleshoot their gadgets, and telling their repair stories. And since this platform is strongly collaborative, there are over 90,000 crowd-sourced repair guides with new ones published every single day. This massive, free resource has helped people fix everything from cellphones to game consoles, toys to musical instruments—because fixers, hackers, and makers everywhere finally have a global platform to share their knowledge.

15:30 pm – 15:55 pm

How to facilitate decoupling economic growth from resource consumption

15:55 pm – 16:20 pm

Building Trust in Repair

Sustainability is a global theme. Consumers reportedly hold onto their smartphones for 34 months or longer. Consumers can be rough and tumble with their devices and devices are a huge portion of our daily routine. Are we ready to manage device repair at scale? In this session we will discuss the importance of industry recognized device repair standards. We will review the landscape of the US device repair market, consumer demand for trusted repair globally and best practices in play today from supply chain interconnectedness, to same-unit repair organizations, and we-come-to-you business models that give consumers choice and help everyone keep their devices connected and in working order. The need for skilled and trained technicians to support device repair continues to grow worldwide. Much needed focus is now on ensuring we have workforce development plans in place to attract talent with timely and industry-ready skills. We will share examples how the US is tackling some of these needs.

16:20 pm – 16:45 pm

Repairing the Future

iRiparo is a leading player in the device repair industry, specializing in express proximity repairs that offer quick and efficient service to consumers. We’re not just a business, but a mission-driven organization that contributes positively to the environment. By facilitating device repairs, we help save significant amounts of CO2 that would otherwise be released in the production of new devices. In our journey, we have trained thousands of individuals, empowering them with the necessary skills to perform complex tech repairs. This initiative underscores our commitment to education and our belief in a sustainable and circular economy where devices are repaired, not discarded. Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans for growth, aimed at encouraging more people to repair their tech devices instead of disposing of them. As part of our comprehensive strategy, we have introduced a program called “UZED” to breathe new life into technology. This initiative is focused on refurbishing and recycling devices, ensuring they get a second life and further reduce environmental impact. iRiparo stands at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and growth, dedicated to making the world a greener, more tech-friendly place.

16:45 pm

Closing Remarks

Circular Electronics, Remanufacturing, & ITAD​

DAY 2: Thursday 29 June 2023

In partnership with:

09:00 am – 13:00 pm

Repurpose and reuse

9:00 am

Opening Remarks

09:05 am – 09:30 am

The Circular Electronics Partnership and System Transformation

Two years after the launch of CEP and the publication of its roadmap, we will review some of the progress made through the platform, as well as take you through what the definition of a circular electronics product means for how your business can prepare for the upcoming industry transformation.

09:30 am – 09:55 am

The challenges and opportunities in developing a Circular Economy for the Data Centre Industry

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1989 almost 65% of the global population have become connected and 4.3+GB data are exchanged every year. The data centre industry has grown at an unprecedented rate and scale to manage, process and store this data. Understandably, to date the sector has focussed on service provision and any efficiencies relate to operational energy and associated carbon emissions rather than consideration of physical resources and embodied impacts. Increasing global demand for physical and specialist materials means that change is essential to ensure supply chain stability and economical operation of data centres.  This presentation highlights challenges and opportunities at various product life cycle stages that are associated with the development of a Circular Economy the Data Centre Industry.

09:55 am – 10:20 am

The Circular Drive Initiative - enabling secure reuse of storage devices

The Circular Drive Initiative (CDI) is a collaboration of global leaders in digital storage, data centers, sustainability, and blockchain in a joint effort to reduce e-waste by promoting and enabling the secure reuse of storage hardware. CDI was convened under the leadership of William McDonough, Chief Executive of McDonough Innovation and the renowned architect of Cradle to Cradle design and The Circular Economy, which brings circular design principles and reporting to data storage in the ICT industry. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the reuse of storage devices and reduce GHG emissions, e-waste, and other externalities. What is CDI doing? CDI is making the storage market more sustainable by developing and promoting standards, reporting, and best practices around circular business models. There is a large practice today around the physical destruction of storage devices at the end of first use, under the promise of preventing unauthorized access to data. There are robust security and media sanitization specifications in place that allow for the secure transfer of ownership of devices without the risk of private data being exposed.

10:20 am – 10:45 am

Data Protection Compliance when recovering redundant data bearing electronics

This session explores compliance with GDPR for companies who dispose of redundant equipment and those who provide data sanitisation services. Based on three years experience of working with a data regulator, the true nature of GDPR compliance is exposed which shows many asset recovery transactions as currently being against GDPR requirements.

10:45 am – 11:15 am

Coffee Break

11:15 am – 11:55 pm

Panel Discussion: The challenges of Smart Devices and Data Sanitisation



11:55 am – 12:20 pm

Think Globally Refurbish Locally

13:00 pm – 14:05 pm

Lunch Break

14:05 pm – 15:30 pm

Selling Used

14:05 pm – 14:30 pm

Shaping a Sustainable Future: Understanding the Struggles and Opportunities for Refurbished Electronics in Mitigating the E-waste Crisis

Broad scale adoption of refurbished technology can be a significant contributor for reducing E-Waste. In this presentation we will highlight the impact of refurbished tech, the current status quo in terms of adoption, and both the contributing and inhibiting factors for growth. Finally, we present the underlying dynamics of Back Market as a platform to drive change. 

14:30 pm – 14:55 pm

Refurbished Electronics on eBay: How eBay supports the growing demand for Refurbished Electronics and transitions the marketplace to a holistic sustainable Experience

eBay is the pioneer of recommerce. Every day, we help extend the life of products through the resale of refurbished products and pre-owned items on our marketplace. Come along to hear from Martin who has been with the company for over 20 years, how the global marketplace is enabling consumers to make more sustainable choices.

14:55 pm

Closing Remarks