Conference Summary 2024

A brief summary of the topics being discussed at this years Conference. Your Conference Ticket gives you access to all four tracks. Full Agenda to be released soon.

E-Waste & WEEE Recycling

Opening Keynote Presentations

  • Global E Waste Monitor & Transboundary Movements
  • Industry Updates
  • Consumer Behaviour Trends in Electronics Disposal


Challenges For E Waste Recyclers

  • Pressing Industry Challenges and Suggested Solutions
  • Tackling Industry Skills Gaps
  • Health And Safety Risks and Solutions


E Waste Management in The Global South

  • Regional Challenges and Suggested Frameworks
  • Case Studies and Successful Projects
  • Analysing Emerging Markets


Workshop With the WEEE Forum

Circularity of the Energy Transition

  • How The Energy Transition Will Lead to A Rise in Waste Streams
  • EoL Photovoltaic Management
  • Eco Design Principles for Photovoltaics


Tackling WEEE Plastics

  • Employing Design to Minimize Plastic Usage
  • Legislation Recommendations
  • WEEE Plastics Recycling


Technological Landscape

  • The Advancing Technological Landscape of E Waste Recycling
  • Technology That Has a Large Industry Impact

Circular Electronics

Opening Keynote Presentations

  • Whole Life Cycle Thinking to Sustainable Electronics


Use Phase

  • Insights From OEMs
  • Product Durability and Sustainability
  • The Use of Product Passports and Recommended Framework


Reuse Phase

  • Repair Challenges, Demos and Channels
  • Designing for Repair and Reuse
  • Analysis of Reuse Markets and Takeback Schemes
  • ITAD Challenges and Data Privacy


Circular Initiatives

  • Initiatives and Projects Focusing on Improving the Lifecycle Impact of Electronics
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • ESG Standards and Reporting


Recycling Phase

  • Designing for Recycling
  • Conversations Between Designers and Recyclers
  • Sustainability Challenges

Battery Recycling

Opening Keynote Presentations

  • Cross Industry Perspectives for Enabling Battery Circular Economy
  • Challenges For Recycling in The Gigafactory Era
  • Legislative Impact on Battery Recycling


Market Outlooks

  • Feasibility of a Globally Competitive Recycling Industry
  • Market Outlook and Trading Dynamics of Battery Materials


Industry Perspectives

  • Insights And Recommendations from Industry Leaders


Second Life Batteries

  • The Role Second Life Has in the Batteries Lifecycle
  • Advantages and Challenges Associated with A 2nd Life Phase


Challenges For Recyclers

  • Health and Safety Challenges
  • Challenges And Solutions for Battery Recyclers


Technology And Digitalisation

  • Advanced Robotics and AI
  • How Technology Advancements Are Shifting the Battery Recycling Landscape
  • Battery Passports


Transportation And Logistics

  • Safe Transportation of Batteries
  • How to Manage Reverse Logistics of Batteries


Rethinking Recycling Processes

  • Trends In Battery Recycling
  • Sustainability In Battery Recycling and Best Practices


Research And Innovation

  • Research That Could Have Industry Impact
  • Accelerating Innovation Through Scalability


Metal & Critical Raw Material Recycling

Opening Keynote Presentations

  • Importance of secondary raw materials as a resource
  • Need for robust supply chains with energy transition


Markets and Industry Trends

  • Pricing and trade factors
  • Industry changes affecting secondary market


Regulation, Legislation & Compliance

  • Legislative constraints and recommendations


Automotive recycling

  • Legislative hurdles
  • Enabling clarity in automotive EoL supply chain
  • Increasing quality and quantity of ELV Materials


Enhancing Circular Strategies

  • Limitations of metals recycling
  • Framework conditions, requirements, and recommendations
  • Applying circular economy principles to metals industry


Research and Innovation

  • Scalable research that could shape the metal recycling industry


Processes & Technology

  • Innovative processes and technology that are novel or will have major industry impact