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Allison Townley

Member of the Steering Committee of the Waste and TFS Expert Team

I have over 32 years of experience in the waste management sector, having worked for an international waste management company in the UK dealing with hazardous waste for 7 years, as an independent waste management consultant for 4 years and finally the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, heading the Control and Data Management Team with responsibility for the regulation, compliance and enforcement of hazardous waste, transboundary shipments of waste, producer responsibility, collation and reporting of waste data and waste auditing in Northern Ireland. I have been an active member of IMPEL for 26 years working closely with waste regulatory authorities across Europe. My role within the Waste and TFS Expert Team's Steering Committee is to provide strategic guidance to the Expert Team and enhance collaboration with other bodies including those responsible for the implementation and enforcement of international transboundary shipments of waste. I have represented IMPEL in meetings and events across the globe including the European Commission, the Basel Convention Secretariat, the Asian Network for Prevention of Illegal Transboundary movement of hazardous waste, Interpol, ENFORCE, WCO. I have been involved in a number of international projects involving the fight against illegal waste activity including the WasteForce Project, funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police, in which I was the project Executive.