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Industry Focused Conference Tracks

The conference will cover a number of highly targeted topics with a holistic approach to reducing the environmental impact of E-Waste. All 4 conference tracks will run in parallel for 2 days, with attendees having the option to move freely between the various sessions.

E-Waste & WEEE Recycling

Bringing together the world’s leading processors, recycling and recovery technology manufacturers, trade associations, research organisations, electronics producers and other industry stakeholders.  This stream will showcase the innovative ways in which we are treating WEEE as a US$57 billion resource rather than harmful, toxic waste.

Circular Electronics

Focusing on how the electronics industry can design for recycling and refurbishment, as well as incorporate more sustainable materials into new products.  To help increase re-use, repair, better disposal, and keep end-of-life electronics within the circular economy.

Battery Recycling

Electric vehicle manufacturers, battery manufacturers, battery recyclers, research organisations and NGOs, will come together to discuss the latest challenges for battery recycling and end-of-life solutions.

Metal & Critical Raw Material Recycling

Metals and CRM’s are playing an ever growing role in a number key industries.  As well as contributing to the circular economy and lowering carbon emissions, recycling will be crucial in reducing reliance on foreign imports and increasing stability in the supply chain.