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Prof Farouk Tedjar

Group Chief Scientific Officer, TES SBS

Prof. Farouk Tedjar, an accomplished engineer with a background in electrochemistry, holds a Doctorate in Electrochemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. With extensive expertise, he served as a Professor at the Polytechnic University of Grenoble and founded RECUPYL, a pioneering European company focused on processing used portable batteries. The success of RECUPYL expanded globally, reaching five countries. In the subsequent years, Prof. Tedjar assumed roles as a Visiting Professor at Nanyang University of Singapore, contributing to the Materials Science School and later transitioning to become the Principal Scientist at the Energy Research Institute (ERIAN) at NTU. From 2023 onwards, he has held the position of Group Chief Scientist at TES-AMM. Prof. Tedjar's significant contributions include 68 papers and international communications, 14 patents, and numerous innovation awards. Notable accolades include the First Technology Prize of the French Chemical Society in 2000 and the First Prize of Clean Technology from the French Environment Ministry in 2007. His outstanding work in clean electrochemistry and innovation has earned him recognition and awards from various prestigious institutions.