Co-located with:

Felix Wagner

CEO, Circunomics

Felix Wagner, BA and background as IT-system manager is passionated to use modern technologies to tackle global climate problems. In his past 15 years he build up a solar-business in Melbourne Australia. After the exit Felix joined the automotive industry for various projects, mostly in the field of digitizing established processes in the industry. He also became a partner at Next Mobility Labs - an institutional co-founder that is creating the next generation of mobility by partnering up with bold entrepreneurs to built sustainable tech companies offering digital services and platforms for the next generation of mobility. This is also where the journey of Circunomics started. Since then, Felix and the team of Circunomics are pushing the ev-automotive & battery industry towards a circular economy be enabling them to establish circular business models with the technology Circunomics is offering. Felix is certain, the next generation of mobility must be circular, sustainable and very much technology-driven to guarantee a successful future for sustainable mobility.