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Jan Hoogstrate

Executive Director

Change will continue to happen, influence matters. It is Jan’s drive to work on these changes; unite & represent SME’s, call for a fair market and participate in legislative processes to make the connection. With cars becoming computers on wheels two main sectors in his career came together. Jan’s education has been in Automotive followed by a Bachelor in Business Administration and a master in Total Quality Management. Since 2001 most of his time in the secondary IT market with roles in the organisations; Computer Brokers Exchange (CBE), the AscdiNatd and the Free ICT Europe Foundation. Since 2016 Jan works part-time for Free ICT Europe, next to his consultancy activities. Jan has worked for large businesses and SME’s. As advisor and analyst he was involved in M&A projects, business development and creating strategic change. For Free ICT Europe he takes the lead in participation of EU projects, key contact for alliance partners and responsible for daily operations.