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Jan Arff

Director of Infrastructure and Services Europe, ECOBAT Solutions

Peter Arff, Infrastructure and Services Director Europe at Ecobat, boasts a solid foundation in economics and engineering, dedicating nearly two decades to driving significant advancements in the waste industry, particularly focusing on battery collection and recycling. His journey in this field commenced over ten years ago with the Ecobat Group, assuming various leadership roles to propel the company's mission forward. As the Managing Director of the German collection entity and European Business Development, Peter spearheaded initiatives that elevated Ecobat's battery collection and recycling efforts to unprecedented levels. His oversight of a fleet of up to 80 vehicles and multiple subcontractors led to the collection of over 650,000 tonnes of batteries, making substantial contributions to environmental sustainability. Notably, he founded and led Ecobat's German compliance scheme for portable batteries, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while optimizing operational efficiency. Peter's tenure also involved the development of a comprehensive Lithium Battery Strategy, encompassing M&A activities for German sites, management of third-party collaborations, and orchestration of collection and recycling efforts on a pan-European scale. This strategic approach, supported by a meticulously crafted five-year business model plan, played a pivotal role in shaping Ecobat's strategic direction and market positioning. Transitioning to Ecobat Solutions Europe in 2020, Peter assumed the role of Director Infrastructure and Services Europe, overseeing supply chain management, internal and external interfaces, and navigating complex legal and regulatory landscapes. His leadership ensured seamless operations and optimized efficiencies across diverse operational domains. In addition to his professional roles, Peter actively contributes to the industry's advancement through involvement in prominent associations. As the Head of the WG Bateries at BDE, he leverages his expertise to drive collaborative initiatives and advocate for sustainable practices within the waste management sector. Moreover, his six-year tenure as a member of EBRA, alongside serving on the Board of Directors, underscores his commitment to shaping industry standards and fostering innovation.