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Leon Lindblad


Since entering the used computer industry in 1998, Leon Lindblad has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to create innovative solutions for reusing and repurposing electronic equipment. Alongside his wife, Joanna Seager, Leon has been a driving force in transforming the way computers are refurbished and brought back to life. In the early days of his career, Leon drew inspiration from automotive techniques to refurbish laptops, a testament to his unique problem-solving skills. He went on to invent SticKeys in 2000 while owning Dolphin Technology, further showcasing his commitment to adding value to used computers by enhancing their cosmetic appeal. Together with Joanna, Leon founded CFA Trading in 2004, starting from their humble home and eventually growing it into the 3rd largest Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) in the world. At its peak, CFA Trading employed 60 individuals and pioneered many of the refurbishment processes now standard across the industry. After selling CFA Trading in 2020, Leon and Joanna embarked on their latest venture, The Refurb Company (TRC), in August 2022. With a core mission to provide refurbishment services to companies in need and teach the industry how to refurbish computers locally, TRC embodies the adage "Think Globally, Refurbish Locally." Leon Lindblad's dedication to sustainable practices and his passion for creating a more eco-conscious future for the computer industry make him a true visionary in the field of electronic refurbishment.