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Peter Heßler

Managing Director, URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik

Peter Hessler, is the Managing Director and Co-Owner of URT Umwelt- und Recyclingtechnik GmbH in Germany. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he embarked on his career in 1989, contributing to the Research & Development department of a German plant manufacturer. His early projects involved designing and constructing recycling plants. Since 1995, Peter has been steering URT, focusing on planning, designing, sales, and servicing of WEEE recycling plants. Notably, he pioneered the development of a prototype shredder for the safe disposal of lithium-ion batteries in an inert atmosphere in 2011. His leadership led to the installation of the Volkswagen pilot plant for lithium-ion batteries in 2019 and subsequent expansions into lithium-ion battery recycling in 2022. Peter Hessler's expertise lies in the intersection of engineering and environmental sustainability.