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Jordan Lindsay

Sustainability Coordinator

Jordan is a Research and Development Manager at Minviro, a UK-based life cycle assessment company that works within the raw material and battery industries to quantify and reduce environmental impact of key materials and products for global decarbonisation. He is responsible for all academic and industrial research projects in the company, including UK and EU grants, and commercial collaborations. He works prominently integrating raw material and battery production impact databases with Minviro’s technology solutions, leads projects investigating renewable technology applications (photovoltaics, hydrogen fuel cells, electric motors) and critical raw material supply chains, and manages a team of six sustainability scientists. He completed his PhD in Geology at the University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines, where he studied platinum-group metal prospectivity using machine learning approaches, and has significant experience working with ore deposit geology, geochemistry and economic minerals prior to commencing his role with Minviro.