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Eduard Wagner

Senior Researcher, Project Manager, Fraunhofer IZM

M.Sc. Eduard Wagner joined Fraunhofer IZM in 2013, department “Environmental and Reliability Engineering”, research group "Sustainable Networks and Computing”, with special focus on digitization and sustainability, especially circular data value creation. His focus is on the question of whether and how data from the product life cycle can be used for sustainability. Currently he is leading or supporting various lighthouse projects related to the digital product passport: in the UBA project “Product Information 4.0” on the identification of legal information gaps, in the EU CSA project “CIRPASS” on the development of the data infrastructure for the European DPP, in the “PACT NEW3” project on the identification of manufacturing data relevant for the DPP as well as industry projects for the identification of sector and product group specific DPP requirements. In another projects (EU Horizon Europe “INCREACE”) he leads the work package on “Circular product design” with a special focus on recyclability of plastics in WEEE collection groups. Former work comprises (BMBF SÖF "OHA", UBA "Software Obsolescence", EU H2020 "Prompt") on the analysis of obsolescence of electronic products, both hardware and software, using data mining methods based on repair data and customer data. He led various app, software and web development projects, developed measures and metrics for the computer-aided assessment of the environmental impact of electronic products and analysed the European plastics recycling market with regard to the potential for developing a raw material trading platform.