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Joe Marion


From 1975 to 1989 Joseph Marion has served in various capacities including President of the William Marion Company, Inc. (WMC), a privately held technology corporation based in Hackensack, New Jersey. WMC was an IBM Business Partner specializing in leasing and maintaining IBM Mid-Range and Mainframe computers and AT&T telecom products. WMC was sold to Datapoint’s Intelogic Trace Division in 1989 where Joe remained until 1991. At Datapoint/Intelogic Trace, Mr. Marion directed East Coast operations focusing on sales, leasing, and maintenance of computer and telecom equipment. Later, he was moved to San Antonio, Texas where he served on the leadership team running Intelogic Trace’s hardware sales division. In 1991 Mr. Marion left Datapoint/Intelogic Trace and formed Marion Associates to focus on providing consultation services to technology companies and technology trade associations. Joseph serves as President of the Association of Service and Computer Dealers (ASCDI) an international not for profit trade association of technology resellers and service providers whos’ members focus on the reuse, resale, and disposition of technology equipment in an environmentally responsible fashion and the protection of customer data. He also serves as President of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA), an international association of hosting communications providers and CEO of Network Commerce International, an internet-based trading exchange for technology resellers.