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Margery Ryan

PGM Research and Strategy Manager

Marge Ryan is PGM Research and Strategy Manager at Johnson Matthey. She is a member of JM’s PGM Market Research group, globally regarded as the leading experts on platinum group metal (PGM) supply and demand. Marge began her career as an engineer in the South African platinum mining industry, before emigrating to the UK in 2006. In 2011, she joined the team at Fuel Cell Today, an organisation that tracked key trends and developments in the nascent hydrogen and fuel cell industry. The knowledge gained from this was married to her PGM expertise when she joined JM’s PGM Market Research group in 2014, taking on responsibility for forecasting the long-term PGM requirements of the energy transition, as well as how the supply of these critical raw materials from both primary sources and recycled metal balances with the demand.